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"Black Feather" Scotty Phillips

Welcome to the official home page of e-wrestler "Black Feather" Scotty Phillips!


Name: "Black Feather" Scotty Phillips

Handler: Tom Stephenson

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 258 lbs.

Hometown: Alturas, CA

Birthdate: April 20, 1980

Finishing Maneuver: Tornado DDT

Theme Music: "Hotel California" by the Eagles

Alignment: Face

Current league: NCWA

Titles Held: NCWA TV Title(2), NCWA United States Title

Lifetime Record: 12-7-2


NCWA Television Title

Won from: Roadkill, NCWA Brick City Brawl, 1/31/99

Lost to: Oliver Closeoff, Wednesday Night Xtremes, 2/3/99

Reign: 3 days

NCWA Television Title(2nd Reign)

Won from: Oliver Closeoff, NCWA Beyond Enemy Lines, 3/7/99

Lost to: Keyser Rippel, Saturday Night Xtremes, 4/10/99

Reign: 34 days

NCWA United States Title

Won from: Gasman, Saturday Night Xtremes, 5/1/99

Lost to: Vacated, 5/22/99

Reign: 21 days

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