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Scott Norton

Welcome to the unofficial home page of Scott Norton of the nWo Black and White.

Vital Stats

Name: Scott Norton

Real Name: Scott Norton

Nicknames: "Flash," "Vicious"

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 335 lbs.

Birthdate: Unknown

Finisher: Power Bomb

Titles Held: World Arm Wrestling Champion, IWGP World Champion


Scott Norton was a former arm-wrestling champion who stepped onto the wrestling scene in WCW around 1993. He has shifted between WCW and New Japan throughout his career, but he has never quite been the force in the States that he was in Japan.

Norton's first tag team partner was Ice Train(Harold Hoag), around 1996. Ice Train was not agressive, and this hurt Norton. Eventually, Norton turned on Ice Train and joined up with the New World Order. His new tag team partner was Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, who called the team Vicious and Delicious(Scott being the "Vicious" part.) This team eventually had a falling apart as Bagwell joined new nWo member Scott Steiner. As the Wolfpac split up from the nWo, Norton remained with the black and white or "nWo Hollywood." He was left out of the new Wolfpac that formed between Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan in early 1999. As a member of the nWo Black and White with Stevie Ray, Horace Hogan, Brian Adams, and Vincent, Norton has seemed to be held down at times.


DDT Digest

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Scott Norton has powerbombed people since May 26, 1999!

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